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Jalen is music producer, sound engineer and a Streamer. He has an Associate Degree in the Arts and is pursuing a bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Music Production. He is also a Peer Specialist and an Ambassador of Compassion. He believes in the power of resiliency and that it is a skill he knows everyone can develop. He is a living example of implementing this to overcome depression, which he describes as an everyday battle over the past six years.  He reaches out to others through empathy, helping them to embrace the art of resiliency as part and parcel of daily lived experience. At his college he is a part of the LEAP Program, a student-based resource that offers unconditional regard for his Peers. There he shares his lived experience with Freshmen and Sophomores so that they can cope with the first two years of college. Jalen has over come many health challenges in his short time here. He has had eight collapsed lungs and last year he had surgery however is doing great. He currently resides in Port Saint Lucie, Florida with his mother and twin brother Jamal. He is the youngest of four siblings. Brandon is his elder brother and Mar Sha` is she elder sister. He is also the uncle of two nieces, Nevaeh, and Jurnee.

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