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The 2018 Florida Mental Health Summit is around the corner, and registration is finally open.  This year’s event is anticipated to be a terrific gathering of professionals that will share with you information that open doors and bridge gaps.  We will focus not just on the traditional approaches to behavioral healthcare, but looking at how we can embrace the peer movement in creating a more complete continuum of care.

The Summit kicks off at a new venue this year.  All event activities will be held at the Adam W Herbert University Center at the University of North Florida.  

On Wednesday there will be two standalone workshops for professionals and executives in the field focused on Ethics and Legislative Advocacy that will be followed by a Networking Reception, all sponsors are invited to attend.

Breakfast will be served with Keynote Speaker Bill Carruthers on Thursday morning. He is a leading Peer Advocate from Georgia and is currently the Director of Peer Workforce Development for Highland Rivers Health in Northwest Georgia.  Mr. Carruthers is a nationally recognized advocate for recovery who has shared his story of mental illness and addiction and his journey to recovery throughout Georgia and the nation, and we are excited to welcome him to Florida. Check out his interview from CNN.

During our lunch on Thursday, we have also secured an advanced screening of a PBS Documentary entitled GOD KNOWS WHERE I AM that looks at the life of an individual living with Schizophrenia through her own words.  Following the screening we will engage in a panel discussion by a peer living with Schizoaffective Disorder, his therapist, and a representative a NAMI that has played a long-time role in the Jacksonville criminal justice system.  Their perspectives should stimulate much thought and discussion on the matters of involuntary hospitalizations, incarcerations, and the treatment of those living with mental illness in our communities.

On Friday, our breakfast panel is a focused discussion by a group of Certified Peer Recovery Specialists hearing from them about the needs in treatment, in legislation, and in the community with the fight against stigma.  It should be enlightening to hear about living and working with mental illness from a lived experience perspective.

Over the two days, breakout sessions are designed to be diverse in nature so that they offer something for everyone.  We want the leaders of our organizations to come and find materials that education and enlighten; while our clinicians will also find resources that will help advance their skills as professionals providing the necessary CEUs.  However, we are also providing focus areas for Peer Services that not only provide insight into best practices, but also can show how these services can be effectively integrated into more traditional modalities of treatment.  We want everyone to come and learn.  There is something for everyone here. Whether you are a therapist, a peer, an executive, an advocate, or just a community member wanting to learn more, we have something for all.

Early bird registration ends on August 19 at midnight.

Let’s see a good turnout Florida.  Can’t wait to see you.

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